I guess most of you are thinking of visiting Mario rides at Universal studio Japan(Osaka).

I would like to share what I have experienced.

The reason is that we failed at the entry lottery at USJ.

There are several ways to get the entry.

Using travel agency, buying an express…

Today, I would like to share some learnings from app development by nocode.

I started using Adalo(nocode) platform from November 2020.

My first goal was launching an app to the apple store.

It took around 2 weeks to start from scratch to reach the goal.

Even though the app was…

Hi I am Yusuke from Tokyo.

I am currently visiting NYC with a tourist visa. I was not really thinking of visiting before but Clubhouse made me want to visit as there were many funny people on the app from the east coast.

I still cannot believe that why I am here but I really enjoyed a conversation on clubhouse at a night and I tweeted below.

Invitation to NY

This reply made me want to visit and bought a round trip ticket to NY.

It has been a week in NY and spending fun time.

I could meet some people who I met on Clubhouse as well.

Keeping a motivation is the hardest thing in the world I think.

It’s easy to postpone the thing you have to do.

Being kind to myself is nice. But I think some kind of harshness is needed to get things done.

If I really cannot do it, I think there is a problem in myself.

So let’s do it and smile after the challenge.

Hi I am Yusuke. I came up with an awesome idea yesterday and I want to see if it is going to be an unicorn company or not.


There are so many things which we do not use anymore but can be very useful for others. If I try…

Yusuke Nishijima

App creator by nocode. Love startups.

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